The Wall Street Journal: A Teacher Quality Manifesto

By DEBORAH KENNY Published: September 22, 2010 The documentary “Waiting for ‘Superman’” and President Obama’s Race to the Top competition have focused the national education debate on one question: How can we ensure a quality teacher in every classroom? So far the answer has centered on accountability: standards, testing, data and evaluations. Accountability is critical. Without… Read more »

Bloomberg Businessweek: Charter Schools Get the Test Scores Up

By TOM LOWRY Published: July 7, 2008 When investment banker Herb Allen’s annual gathering of media executives kicks off in Sun Valley on July 8, plenty of familiar faces will be seen strolling the picturesque grounds in the shadow of Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains. This year, however, the star of the show may not be Time… Read more »

The New York Observer: Obama’s Vision, Harlem’s Reality

By THE EDITORS Published: March 17, 2009 If you want to see what President Barack Obama’s vision for the future of American education looks like, look no further than East 120th Street, where high standards, committed teachers and a robust, private-sector approach have already been implemented with remarkable success at the Harlem Village Academy. If… Read more »