The pursuit of higher education is all about freedom, exploration, intellectual sophistication, and finding oneself. At HVA, we provide more than college guidance and support services. We seek to instill in each student the intrinsic motivation to engage in a meaningful college experience.

College Counseling

The HVA College Counseling program focuses on making higher education accessible to all of our students. The goal is to place each student in the post-secondary option that is the best academic, social, and financial fit. Starting in 9th grade, HVA students progress through a college prep curriculum that culminates in full-year courses in their junior and senior years. Although all HVA students have access to our office and resources, in 11th grade they begin their individual meetings with our College Counselor. There are also a number of college events we offer throughout high school, such as: College Night each semester for each grade’s parents; Spring College Fair; Alumni Day, including a panel and college fair; college trips; admissions visitors; College Lock-in for seniors; and PSAT Day. Our highest achieving students participate in the College Scholars program through which they are exposed to the most selective colleges, take supplemental courses and college exams, and apply to rigorous summer programs.

HVA is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling and complies with the NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice.

Alumni Support

Our Alumni Support team ensures that our students achieve their higher education goals. This work starts in the spring of 12th grade with targeted college transition sessions. As students graduate from HVA, they create individual development plans with a counselor and have monthly meetings with a counselor thereafter. All HVA alumni are visited on their campuses during their first year of college, and receive annual care packages. Alumni are also assisted with internship placement, transferring, financial aid renewal, academic tutoring, and socio-emotional counseling. There are a number of opportunities for alumni to return to HVA during the year, including Summer Reunion, Alumni Day, Transfer Workshop, Amnesty Dinner, and summer and winter internships at HVA. In addition, our alumni are welcome any time, as we consider HVA their permanent home away from home.


HVA is grateful for our partnerships with colleges and organizations, including the University of New Mexico, Prep for Prep Smart Connections, CACNY College Success Network, and The College Board.

College Acceptances

Our students have been accepted at nearly 100 schools across the country, including Bard College, Carnegie Mellon University, CUNY, University of Michigan, Morehouse College, New York University, Occidental College, Skidmore College, Spelman College, SUNY, University of New Mexico, Yale University, and more.