It all started with a few teachers, a couple of mice and a dream

Explore our major milestones through this  timeline.


A new kind of public school in Harlem

Dr. Deborah Kenny has an idea to create Harlem Village Academies.


Historic double-charter

HVA is the first organization in the history of New York State to receive two charters simultaneously.


Flagship middle school opens

With seed funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we open our flagship HVA middle school.


Second middle school opens

Our second middle school opens in Harlem.


NYC celebrates HVA Day

Mayor Bloomberg declares “Harlem Village Academies Day” in New York City.


Our third school, HVA High, opens

Our high school opens in temporary space.


HVA 8th graders rank #1 in Math

Our 8th graders rank # in Mathematics of all non-selective public school students in New York State.


The President of the United States visits us in Harlem

One of the children asked the President “Of all the schools in the country why did you visit ours,” and the President replied, “I wanted to show the country what it means to achieve excellence.”


Science and social studies milestone

Our 8th Graders scored 100% proficient on the New York State science and social studies exams.


Reading milestone

For the first time, we outperform suburban Westchester County in 7th and 8th grade reading.


Our first senior class graduates and goes to college


East Elementary and West Elementary open.


Our founder’s book, Born to Rise, is published.


We launch the Progressive Education Institute

Our dream is to design a new graduate school of education based on the ideals of progressive pedagogy.