Progressive Pedagogy Fosters and Demands a More Sophisticated Intellectual Capacity from Teachers


We are a community of educators deeply committed to excellence, hard work, and the ideals of progressive education. We hold ourselves accountable for creating learning experiences that inspire and require the highest levels of intellectual sophistication, and we work incredibly hard to provide students with compelling curriculum and engaging instruction that reflects our philosophy.

Teaching Here Is Completely Different From Anything You’ve Ever Experienced

A message from our founder, deborah kenny

As a student, a mother, and a teacher, I have always believed that exquisite instruction matters more than anything else that happens in a school. It is so inspiring to be in the presence of an amazing teacher. I love watching a teacher light up about a subject. I love watching teachers push students to do the hard thinking for themselves. And I love learning from the individual style of each teacher. It is teachers who make a school great.

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Current Opportunities

Don’t see the opening you want?  We are always looking for talented people who are deeply aligned with our mission;  feel free to contact us.

Know someone amazing?  Refer a friend and earn $1500.

Want to earn an M.A. and NYS certification while teaching full-time?  Check out our Associate Teacher Fellowship, offered in collaboration with the Progressive Education Institute.

Job Title Category Department
Special Education Coordinator (Elementary/Middle School) Inclusion/Special Education Elementary/Middle School Apply
Elementary 5th Grade Math Teacher Instruction Elementary School Apply
Elementary ELA Teacher (Grade 3-5) Instruction Elementary School Apply
Elementary Math Teacher (Grade 3-5) Instruction Elementary School Apply
Middle School ELA Teacher Instruction Middle School Apply
Middle School Social Studies Teacher Instruction Middle School Apply
Network Director of Special Education School-Based Support Network Apply
Network School Psychologist School-Based Support Network Apply
Managing Director of Development Shared Services Network Apply
Network Director of Student Recruitment & Enrollment Shared Services Network Apply
High School Social Worker Social Worker High School Apply