A day in the life of our Montessori PreK

Here’s what your child will experience on a typical day at HVA PreK!

Warm Welcome:
Greeted by their caring teachers, students put away their belongings, enjoy breakfast, and read for pleasure.

Opening Circle: Children sing songs, make friends, and learn lessons about kindness, respect and responsibility.

Montessori Work Time: Guided by their teachers, students choose and engage in a variety of challenging and interesting learning activities, incorporating science, math, geography, and social studies.

Phonics: Children learn to recognize letter sounds by hearing and repeating them.

Co-Curricular Activities: Students participate in specialist classes including art, music, dance, and physical education.

Lunch: With their teachers, children set the table, eat a healthy meal, talk to one another, and then clean up together.

Read Aloud: Students learn vocabulary and reading skills by listening to a book read aloud by their teachers.

Rest: Children set up their mats and take a rest in the classroom.

Movement: Students play outdoors or in the gym with balls, hoops, scarves, parachutes, scooters, and more.

Closing Circle: Children sing songs, share appreciations, reflect on the school day, and listen to a wonderful book read aloud.