Montessori PreK at HVA

To join HVA PreK is to enroll in the best public schools in Harlem that will put your child on the path to graduation from an exceptional college.

PreK at HVA is a joyful experience where children are taught with kindness and care. Our PreK program is informed by the Montessori method and includes custom-designed HVA curriculum. Montessori is taught in over 4,000 private schools across the country.

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Why DO FAMILIES choose HVA Montessori PreK?

The Montessori approach to early childhood education will teach children, over time:
  • Self-management and self-correction
  • Kindness, respect, and responsibility
  • Intellectual concentration for long periods of time on complex, challenging tasks
In addition, our program features:
  • Reading, writing, math, inquiry-based science, social studies, art, drama, and music
  • Social-emotional learning in a nurturing environment
  • Student ownership of learning and exhibitions of learning
  • Meaningful work that fosters intellectual curiosity and innovative thinking

Guarantee your spot from PreK through 12th grade

Students who attend HVA PreK automatically receive the opportunity to
enroll in our K–12 schools.


Partnership with Families

Our parents

  • Ensure reading and studying at home daily is a high priority
  • Ensure students arrive to school on time, every day
  • Regularly participate in school meetings and activities

Our teachers

  • Provide challenging, inspiring instruction
  • Hold the highest expectations for respectful behavior while fostering student leadership
  • Communicate frequently with parents

Small Classes,
Caring Community

With two teachers in small classes of 18 students, your child will receive kind, purposeful attention and care.

Excellent Teachers

Our teachers are experienced, talented, and deeply committed to excellence. HVA teachers work hard and care deeply about quality instruction. Our teachers benefit from the many years of insights that have made the HVA elementary program so acclaimed.

From PreK through College

Our K–12 schools consistently outperform the district, city, and state. Our high school features the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Each year, 100% of our high school students are admitted to college, compared to 60% for NYC. Our vibrant college support program continues to provide guidance and support to our students throughout college.

We have achieved these results with an approach that elevates academics and respects students and families. We focus on independent thinking and we teach students kindness, responsibility, and ethical character.



To learn more, please feel free to call us at 646-484-1720 or email

Children entering HVA PreK must be between 3 to 5 years old as of September 1, 2022.