Our teachers talk about what’s different and special about working at HVA

Our Progressive Philosophy

We are a community of educators deeply committed to the principles of progressive education. The tenets of progressive pedagogy simultaneously foster and demand a more sophisticated intellectual capacity from teachers. The role of a progressive teacher is not to share his or her best thinking in an entertaining way but rather to help students learn to do their best thinking. Learn more here

Our Values

We believe that above all else children come first. The well-being and achievement of children is our highest priority, and all our decisions are based on what’s best for them. We also believe our work is a sacred calling. We are continually improving and striving for excellence in all that we do. We listen to each other and support each other, and we hold ourselves accountable for results. Our values are at the heart of who we are as a community, and they enable us to be the best teachers we can be. Read more about our values here.

Our Expectations

HVA’s expectations for teachers are aligned with our educational philosophy and supported through professional development. In brief, we expect teachers to engage students in sophisticated and challenging work that involves complex questions, requires deep thinking, and sparks intellectual curiosity. We expect teachers to empower students. Conversely, what we expect not to see in our classrooms are rote learning practices that make minimal cognitive demands, such as memorizing chants, fill-in-the-blank worksheets, power points, simplistic questions, and an emphasis on controlling students. Read more about responsibilities and qualifications here.


HVA Founder and CEO Dr. Deborah Kenny discusses progressive education